Chapter 1: Paramedics and Palliative Care

Your vital role

The paramedic says
Tyne discusses how to support a person at the end of life. (3:22)Video transcript
Don explains the paramedics role in palliative care. (3:22)Video transcript
The paramedic says
Cheryl discusses paramedics role in palliative care and some of the challenges. (3:22)

The palliative care skill set includes symptom management, communication, self-awareness and knowledge of psychological aspects of care. These skills can be applied to any event where a palliative approach would be beneficial.

These skills are important because you can:

  • Bring calm reassurance and confidence to uncertainty and concern.
  • Provide quality care.
  • Provide information and guidance. 

  • Alleviate physical and emotional suffering.
  • Transport to a health facility if necessary.
  • Support death at home if appropriate.
  • Support the patient and family.
If symptoms can be managed at home, this will likely be the goal. 

These topics will be covered in more detail throughout the modules.