Chapter 4: The moments around death


The paramedic says
Olivia notes the need to support family members at end of life. (3:22)Video transcript
Olivia discusses preparing family members for what to expect.(3:22)Video transcript
Olivia explains the importance of presence, communication and taking time. (3:22)Video transcript
The palliative care expert says
Dr. David Henderson explains the opportunities and challenges for families in the quiet time around death. (3:22)

Families are never ready. - Canadian paramedic

Even if the family has known for months that death is coming, and they’ve done considerable preparation, death will always feel sudden and unexpected to a certain extent. “It's all happening so fast”  is a common reaction.

When reading through these next sections, keep in mind all that you've learned in Chapter 2 of this module, Respecting and responding to cultural practices and traditions.