Chapter 5: After the death

Concluding the call

The importance of ending a call well can’t be overstated. A call that ends poorly can undo all the good work you’ve done. Don't rush or leave too quickly or abruptly.

Conversation Prompts

Are you going to be okay when we leave?  

Is there someone we can call to come and be with you?            

Is there anyone here we should be worried about?

  • Invite questions and take time to respond fully. If there are questions you can’t answer, suggest someone else the family could ask.

  • Let everyone know you’ll be leaving in a few minutes, then start picking up your kit.

Acknowledging the family's role  

It’s a privilege to be present at these moments in a family’s life. Validate again the contributions of the family in caring for the patient if you think this is appropriate. You can also acknowledge the love and dedication you witnessed.

Conversation Prompts

I think he was very well looked after by you. 

I get the sense there’s a lot of love in this family.