Chapter 4: Pediatric calls

Medical transport

When a child is to be medically transported, a number of steps are recommended to support and care for both patient and family members.

  • Arrange for one or both parents to accompany the child.

  • Wrap the child in a favourite blanket and bring along any comfort objects such as stuffed toys.

  • Give all family members a chance to say goodbye to the child before leaving.

  • Assure parents that siblings are welcome at the hospital. Remind them that it’s okay if siblings don’t want to go, and it’s best not to force them.

  • If the siblings aren’t accompanying the child and parents to the hospital, ensure they’re looked after by a responsible adult. This is important even if they’re older and able to look after themselves.

  • If one parent is travelling in another vehicle, find a friend or family member to drive them if possible.