My world is a snow globe. Things can be very calm and then something happens to shake it up. It’s hard to know what gets stirred up inside and the flakes land everywhere. ­ – Canadian paramedic

Paramedics are not good at accepting or wanting help, our job is to help others. You never really stop trying to look after everybody.  – Canadian paramedic


Someone important in your life is a paramedic: a partner or spouse, a parent, an adult child, a sibling, or a friend. Although caring for people who are experiencing medical emergencies is an honourable calling, this particular career comes with a higher than usual amount of work-related stress. As with other first responders (e.g., fire and police) and other health care providers (e.g., physicians and nurses), strong work, family, and social supports are very important in helping to mediate work-related challenges and improve overall quality of life.

Learning Objectives 

By the end of this module, you will be able to


  • Outline the paramedic’s work life.



  • Recognize impacts of work-related stress.



  • Provide support strategies.



  • Suggest work-life balance techniques.



  • Identify signs that a paramedic may require assistance.



  • Identify supportive resources.