Chapter 5: Actions you can take

Engaging the paramedic

Most paramedics want and need to talk  – Canadian paramedic

Unless you’re a paramedic, it’s not possible to fully understand how demanding and draining the job is. But don’t lose hope! Paramedics need to know their friends and families care. While they don’t expect you to fix the situation, give advice, and make it all better, they do appreciate it when you ask about their day. Although sharing their experiences and feelings may leave them feeling vulnerable, paramedics are generally grateful for a listening ear, compassion, and understanding. 

Conversation Prompts

Is it okay if I ask you how you’re doing? 

I feel a bit far away from you and want to get closer. Is it a good time for us to talk? 

You seem preoccupied. I wonder if we could talk about what’s on your mind? 

You don’t seem to be yourself. Are things getting to you at work? 

What can I do to make it easier for us to talk about you and your work? 

I really want to find ways to be there for you.