Chapter 5: Actions you can take

Establishing your limits

Paramedics see a lot during a shift, and the stories they share may be very difficult to hear. If you want to connect deeply with the paramedic in your life, expect that their experiences will be uncomfortable to listen to at times. It’s okay to set boundaries around what you feel able to hear. If you aren’t able to hear about blood and gore, let them know in advance.

I really want to hear your stories, but can you leave out the gore? I don’t think I can handle it. If you want to talk about those things, maybe you could request a debriefing with the others who attended the call? It might be really good to talk about it with your team since they understand what that was like. Have you had a chance to talk with your partner (paramedic) about this?”

I appreciate you wanting to protect me.

I hope you’ll look for support from the other paramedics you work with.