Opportunities for personal growth

In summary

Working closely with people who are dying is bound to change you and it’s important to remember there are ways to be changed for the better. Your encounters with the end of life can provide opportunities for profound reflection on the state of your life and where you are going. At these times, you may be reminded of the importance of living your life in an authentic way, one that aligns with who you really are.

Every engagement with families provides an opportunity for you to become more comfortable and secure with simply being who you are. This is not always easy – it can be very challenging, for example, when you’re confronted with feelings of powerlessness (whether your own or those of the patient or family). Being authentic won’t solve every problem but will help you keep your feet on the ground when there is nothing to do except just be. If you can remain open to this, you may sometimes discover a surprisingly beautiful moment; but whatever your experience, you’ll grow from it.