Chapter 2: Operational factors

Team support

Working in pairs

The benefit of working with a partner is that now and then you can cover for the other. There’s opportunity for one to step out and take a mini-break or a time-out while the other remains with the patient and family. There can be a bit of a dance between the two of you, switching out as necessary to keep the situation manageable. Consider developing a short-hand sign or code word between you and your partner that can be used when one person needs to catch their breath or step out of the patient’s room.

Asking for assistance

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, and there are times when it’s in the best interests of everyone to ask for assistance. Depending on the resourcing in your area, this could mean requesting an additional crew with a higher scope of practice, calling an operational supervisor or clinical practice leader for support, or calling an online physician for additional direction. Refer to your community guidelines, which will outline policies and procedures for contacting other health care providers (for consultation).