Chapter 3: Transport


The role of paramedics across the country is shifting from “stabilize and transport” to “treat and release” for many 911 calls. This shift is well aligned with palliative care where the goal of many patients and their families is to have a supported death at home. 

However, despite a desire to stay at home, factors including the patient’s care needs and family circumstances may necessitate transfer to a facility. Relieving the family from the burden of care is a valid consideration. 

In some cases, you may be making an arranged transport to a hospital, hospice or other health facility.

Making a decision to transport

Decisions about transport or care at home should always be made in reference to your community guidelines, which will outline policies and procedures for contacting other health care providers. 

Note also that community palliative care programs often have their own processes for admissions to palliative care wards or hospices, which may be more appropriate care settings than an emergency department.