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PARAMEDICS Grief training to improve your practice
What do I say to a family member in distress? How do I deal with a family who is resisting my clinical advice? What is there to learn when a call didn’t go as I’d hoped? How do I tell an unprepared family that death is imminent? Paramedicine is evolving to provide palliative care in the home. Paramedics and grief experts collaborated to develop to help you deliver the care that matters at the most difficult time of life.
Overview What you'll find in Begin
Module 1 Paramedics, palliative care, and grief Begin
Module 2 Assessment and building trust Begin
Module 3 Explaining clinical information and what to expect Begin
Module 4 Decision-making Begin
Module 5 Challenging situations Begin
Module 6 Supporting the patient and family Begin
Module 7 Responding to the stresses of paramedicine Begin
Module 8 Opportunities for personal growth Begin
Module 9 For families and friends of paramedics: Providing support Begin

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